Art Exhibitions in Czech Republic for Kids for Kids

After a hectic preparation of my exhibition in the Czech Republic and a very busy week there I am back, with a lot of beautiful stories to tell! I was there for Kids For Kids. It’s an organization founded in 2004 and supports the pediatric department of the hospital in Třebíč, Czech republic. Most of the medic equipment of the department is already 12 years old, spare parts are rare or impossible to find after this period of time, and there is no money to provide new equipment. In order to help this hospital Frank Spekhorst founded Kids for kids, at the foundation his love and talent for music and his great ability to unite people through music. Each year there are several concerts to fundraise for Kids for Kids, this being the 14th set of concerts. Throughout the years they have been able to provide a monitor for observation of the vital functions of newborn babies, an “open incubator”, i.e. an incubator where newborn babies could be medicinally treated before returning in the “ closed incubator”, ultrasound equipment, intensive care beds and the list goes on and on and on... This year I was able to join in, selling my artworks to be able to help by an exhibition in the Museum of Trebic and in the Castle of Namest nad Oslavou. Traveling to Czech and seeing the passion and love for this project, all the people involved giving their 200%! It was so heartwarming. They literally make a huge difference and saved precious lives of children. So I decided to continue the fund raise for Kids for kids, of all the sales this month 25% will go to Kids for Kids. If you are considering buying a piece of art, please do so now and help these children. You can make a difference! Thank you